Welcome to Hitchcock Fitness

November 27, 2016

Philip Hitchcock creates life size figurative sculptures for galleries and museums.  He brings the same aesthetic and artistic sensibility to his personal training that he brings to creating his bronzes. Says the trainer, “People have been asking me for years to train them and I finally decided to do it!  My goal is to help my clients set and achieve obtainable goals, so they can reach a personal best!”

Philip is a highly motivated and knowledgeable personal trainer with years of personal fitness experience.  With a proficient and demonstrated ability in designing and monitoring exercise programs based on client needs, goals, abilities, and anatomy, he dispenses useful, tactful, and safe advice to individuals regarding their fitness program, diet, and related equipment.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA and is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.  Philip is also CPR and AED Certified.  His specialties are Resistance Training, Weight Loss, and “Fitness after 40.”

Questions? (314) 435-8220 Hitchcockfitness@gmail.com

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